Why Thailand is a great place to loose your tooth

These past few weeks have been marked by transitions. We had our last week with our host families, which was bitter sweet. While I have missed them a lot, it is nice to have the freedom of living in the apartments. One thing about living alone that I was most excited about was eating a normal amount of food, as my host family loved to feed me. Unfortunately, I went to the opposite extreme as the beginning of last week I started to have extreme tooth pain and eating anything other than smoothies and ice cream caused extreme pain and headaches. Eventually I went to the dentist where two of my wisdom teeth were removed on the spot (they were infected). Now I have stitches in my mouth and still can’t eat real food, but at least the pain has subsided!

Fortunately, Thailand is a great place to lose your teeth. Here are some reasons why:

Dental care is great! Thailand is known for its medical tourism.
• You can get a dentist appointment the day after you call
• They will let you go home right after your laughing gas induced operation. This is exciting at the time, but very concerning once you have regained full consciousness.
• The operation costs about 1/10 of the price in America.
• If you can’t talk because your mouth hurts too much, many wats offer lengthy meditation sessions where you can sit in silence
• The best things to eat while you can’t chew are smoothies, milkshakes and bubble tea. In Thailand these are sold on nearly every street corner
• It is hot and muggy out and there are no sidewalks. Even if you didn’t have stitches in and were allowed to go on a run, you wouldn’t want to.

But actually, I would advise against getting infected teeth, no matter where you are.

In other news, we have started our new course, agroecology. We are learning about permaculture methods, small scale farming, and organic, among other lovely things. (you can learn more about permaculture here: http://permacultureprinciples.com/principles/ !)

Tomorrow we head off for our first “field course” where we will be getting some hands on experience with what we’ve been learning in the classroom. I won’t return to Chiang Mai / have access to internet until October 25!

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